Mira Shakhmarova

International speaker and trainer

I have created a unique technique «3D Shading eyebrows», which won the hearts of masters from all over the world and now I want to reveal it to you in my online master class. Over the past 8 months, I have conducted 30 master classes with the largest audiences in Russia and the CIS countries.

Mira Shakhmarova

The start date is February 2!








In 2 weeks you will master and learn to technically correctly perform permanent eyebrow makeup with an ideal gradient, any pigments, on different skin types of clients, get perfect healed results, predict your own results, realize yourself as a master or trainer, increase your income and much other.

Have you had?

  • Do not know how to work correctly technically with mineral or organic pigments, do not know when and how to correctly apply pigments with different compositions (organic or inorganic).
  • Uniform air caps are not obtained
  • Uneven brows
  • Gray leftovers over time
  • Don’t know how to create a furry brow effect
  • Distant eyebrow heals brighter
  • I can’t draw a good sketch
  • Small leftovers
  • I can’t find the right shade
  • Pigment penetration
  • Not sure how to create the perfect gradient with an airy brow top
  • Don’t know color
  • Do not know how to work correctly technically with mineral or organic pigments, do not know how to apply correctly
  • Small leftovers
  • Unstable stroke, seams and stains
  • Lack of knowledge about the equipment
  • Pigment heals with spots and bumps
If you have encountered at least one of these points, then this course was created so that you can solve your problems and come to a perfect result.
I created my course on personal experience, which was acquired over 5 years and was made on the basis of all the pains and problems of permanent makeup masters.
We all were once at the beginning of the journey and faced problems in creating PM eyebrows and dreamed of becoming a master who will produce perfect results.

Questions that we will consider in my online course

  • Disassembly of equipment and devices
  • Pigment colors and correct color matching
  • Compositions of pigments, how to use organic and inorganic pigments correctly
  • Correct skin tension
  • How to stretch the skin in hazardous areas, avoid squeezing in the peak and tails
  • Let’s see why the distant eyebrow heals brighter and how to avoid it
  • Create a gradient on the eyebrows
  • Hand and machine swing speeds, why are they so important
  • Working with organic pigments
  • Working with inorganic pigments
  • Work without swelling and blood
  • Working on aged, couperose, oily, dry skin
  • Analysis of your mistakes and shortcomings in the work with feedback (available only with the Standard package)
  • Step-by-step eyebrow pigmentation schemes
  • Correct photo and light setting
  • Stacking pigments without joints and stains
  • Predicting healed results without dots and ambushes
  • Overlapping low-quality tattoo
  • Schemes of work on different types of skin, selection of equipment for different types of skin

Who is my course suitable for

  • Anyone who wants to master the technique of voluminous eyebrows.
  • For beginners who have encountered problems in their work and do not know where to move on.
  • Experienced masters who want to improve and keep abreast of all the trends in permanent makeup.
  • For artists who want to create the perfect work and be the best in their region.

Expecting you

  • HD demo tutorials with step-by-step explanations
  • Doing homework
  • Feedback from me

And also we have prepared unique premium programs for masters who want to become trainers and reach a new level of their skills.

In premium programs, it is possible to conduct individual online workouts under my leadership, as well as individual online meetings with the analysis of their own mistakes and the selection of a program for further commercial development

Course progress

The course lasts 14 days (Basic — 9 days). During these days we will analyze:


  • Theory of permanent eyebrow makeup from A to Z
  • Lecture on equipment and the correct choice of apparatus
  • Let’s see why strokes and speeds are so important in our work
  • Learn to work with organic pigments
  • Learn to work with mineral pigments
  • Learn to work on oily skin and porous skin
  • Learn to work with overlapping old tattoo, do color correction
  • Let’s take a look at the basics of proper photography and presentation of material on social networks
  • Learn to work on aging skin

Feedback from students from past master classes

1 day

Introductory day, defining the tasks of the permanent make-up master

2nd day

Pigments and colors. Application rules and the difference between organic and inorganic pigments

Day 3


4th day

Latex strokes and exercises, speeds

Day 5

Selection of equipment for different skin types

6th day

Photos and visuals for the permanent makeup artist

Day 7

Schemes and types of pigment implantation

Day 8


Day 9

Technique «3D shading eyebrows» demonstration of the technique on a model with a step-by-step explanation

Day 10

Technique «Creation of airy eyebrows on organic pigments»

Day 11

Working with oily and porous skin demonstration of the technique on a model with a step-by-step explanation

12 day

Working with aging skin, demonstration of technique on a model with a step-by-step explanation

Day 13

Working with overlapping old tattoo, demonstration of the technique on the model with a step-by-step explanation

Day 14

Summing up the results + drawing of prizes for sponsors